Eyelash Extensions

I’m accepting new clients! 

A consultation will be done at the start of your appointment to go over the desired eyelash look you're looking for. Consent forms will be completed before the service. All full sets include a lip mask with your service (optional) as well as a starter aftercare kit (new clients). Please arrive with clean lashes and no eye makeup. Arriving with heavy eye makeup or caked on mascara will result in a $15 fee for cleaning the lashes prior to the full set. Aftercare instructions are below and will be given at the end of the service.

Refills are recommended every 2 to 3 weeks.

All refills include a lash bath or sensi bath with a lip mask (optional). Clean lashes mean longer lash retention and prevents blepharitis, also known as lash mites. I do not want any of my clients to experience that so I’m now offering a deep clean with each fill. It is the lash artists responsibility to educate the client on taking care of their lash extensions, it is also the clients responsibility to follow through with the instructions. The lash bath and sensi bath I will be using can be used at home everyday for a gentle cleanse. It can be purchased here for pickup in the salon and it will be available to purchase at the end of the service.

Any set applied with no refills for 28+ days is a brand new full set. Please book accordingly.

I do not lash over other lash technicians work. If you currently have lash extensions and is interested in becoming an MLB client I will need to remove them and start a new set. An additional fee will be accessed for removal.

Aftercare Instructions

To have longer lash retention it is critical to follow the below steps after your eyelash extension appointment. 

  • Do not tug or pull on the lashes
  • Brush through the lashes daily with the brush provided
  • Cleanse the lashes daily. If you do not know how to clean your lashes I will show you how using a gentle foam cleanser you can purchase in the salon 
  • Sleeping on your back or on a silk pillowcase is recommended
  • Only oil-free makeup removers and products on the face. Oils breakdown the adhesive and the extensions will come out (micellar water is oil free)
  • Avoid mascara. I do not recommend wearing mascara with extensions
  • Do not remove the extensions yourself, they should be removed by a professional lash technician. Extensions applied by MLB will be removed free of charge
  • Enjoy your new lashes!